A2B DOORS has been the Belgian manufacturer of interior doors since 1990.

The development of the whole product range of A2B  doors is developped by our own R&D department.


The first step of A2B Doors was developing sliding doors without a bottom track. This happened inside of  the factory located in Bruges – Belgium.

Soon after the sliding doors, the development and production of the first invisible doors for the Belgian and French market. The invisible doors are put into industrial and distributed in Europe.



Once the publication of EN 1634/1 and EN 16034, A2B Doors invested in the development of :

  • Wooden door with wooden frame – Fire resistant. 
  • wooden door with aluminum frame – fire resistant.


After 2 years of continuity searching an researching, the whole development is ready for production.


A2B Doors starts to make marketing for distribution in Belgium, France,Germany,Spain, Monaco,Holland,UK and other EU countries. 

In 2015 The first negotiations started with African countries.

In 2016 A2B doors decided to replace the whole production to be transferred to Bulgaria.


In the following years A2B Doors achieved to receive the EU certificated for making fire resistant doors EI 1 / EI2 / EI. Together with the certificate of a building product in the EU.


on 11/1/2019 the EU law 16034-1/2014 changed and is valid in the European union, the laws in the EU member states are not longer valid. 

Started in 2020 projects were delivered in London ( city hotel), Germany ( Musik shule-Berlin, Inzell Hotels- Bayern), Belgium ( residence Dehoux – Brussels, Hotel project Cassablanca, Maroc , …