pull door type T


The invisible pull door is a combination of a frame and a door panel.
The frame for a wing door with a flat wall is made of aluminum frame type T
This frame is intended to be integrated into plasterboard or plastered wall
The frame is made of brut aluminum.
The frames are cut according to the size of the door panel
The frames are mitred and fitted with a corner connecting bracket.
The frame is equipped with invisible 3D adjustable hinges for a perfect adjustment of the door panel.
There is a self-adhesive seal for the sound, color aluminum-gray.

The pull door can be used for renovation or new constructions.
Since the frame is very stable, the door panel and frame are placed on the finished floor and aligned with the plastered wall or plasterboard wall.
The installation is very simple and fast.
Thanks to the mounting plates, the frame can be easily attached to the wall.
After the frame is installed, the gap between the wall and the frame is sprayed with 2-component foam.

After the foam has hardened, this space is plastered out.
The frame is provided for an optimal grip of the plaster on the aluminum.

The free space between the door and the profile is 2 mm horizontally and vertically as standard.
The clearance at the bottom is 4 mm.
This play remains visible after finishing.

The door panel is 40 mm thick as standard,
There are 3 to 5 3d adjustable invisible hinges depending on the door height and weight.
A magnetic lock is integrated in the door panel.
Opening the door without a key is standard,
Opening for a key can be made on request.


The door opens on the side of the frame.

A combination consisting of:
Alu frame type T
Door 40 mm
The frame in aluminum type T
cut under 45 °
Equipped with the corner joint
milled for hinges
Min 3 hidden hinges (max. 5 depending on the door height)
Self-adhesive sound-absorbing seal
Mounting plates
Door 40 mm thick:
door panel - tubular boad
door panel tubular board

Integrated magnetic lock

White primer
Laminates HPL.

The basis of the door panel: solid beech frame with filling

honeycomb                                                           tubular board




Bathroom lock
cylinder lock
door lock
3 point lock
NOHA handle
Handle with invisible roses
cylinder rozas
ventilation grill


rolling lock