What is an invisble door?

a classical door has a doorleaf and a jamb.

according the direction of the opening , the doorset is installed in the front or the back of the opening in the wall.

With an invisible door, the doorjamb is changed from wood to alu.

As we speak form a push door P and pull door T, all the doors are installed flush with the same wall.

For an invisble door, we have 2 profiles

a PUSH profile P

a PULL profile T


standard are the invisible doors ALU3 foreseen of

  • alu profiles WAWA 60
  • 3 invisibles adjustable hinges
  • magnetic lock
  • anti noise gasket
  • doorleaf 40 mm

a installation of a invisible door ALU3 is similar as a classical door:

on the finished floor and in line with the plastered wall

Once the frame is fixed with screws in the opening, the plasterer fill up the gap between the wall and the alu frame.