1990 BRUGES.

production is started with a specialization in sliding doors for indoor use

development of sliding doors for ATOMIUM Brussels;
development of sliding doors without bottom rail.

1999 – 2000 Development and production of the first invisible doors for the Belgian and French market;
2004 The invisible doors are put into industrial production and distributed in the EU

2014 – 2015 The publication of EN 1634/1 and EN 1634 on standards for fire-resistant interior doors

A2B / ALU3 invests in the development of:
-wooden door with wooden frame- fire resistant;
-wooden door with aluminum frame – fire resistant.

After 2 years, the entire development is ready for production.

Start of marketing for distribution in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Monaco, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other EU countries.

2015 The first negotiations started with countries from Africa.

2016 Production moved to Bulgaria

2017 Export to Europe grows to 90 percent of production

2018 – 2019 A2B doors are certified by the Republic of Bulgaria as the only manufacturer of fire-resistant interior doors, which meets the new European quality requirements, and the products are accepted as construction products.

A2B doors Benelux opens its doors in Damme (Belgium)

Participation in international trade fairs in Poland, Italy, Bulgaria